Data Disclaimer

The Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS) obtains weather and climate data from a number of meteorological stations that are operated by various government agencies. Values posted on this web page from previous days and/or weeks may change from time to time due to corrections, calibrations or disruptions in data collection equipment. This may change the accumulated values of some weather parameters such as precipitation, as well as the calculated values for consumptive crop moisture use and crop heat units.

Agriculture and Irrigation (AGI) and its partners supply this data "as is" with no warranties neither expressed nor implied. The data, derivatives products and services are subject to change at any time. When data is deemed missing or invalid (in AGI's view), AGI attempts to replace these values with estimates using a variety of methods. The user must recognize that such estimated data are not real observations. The user of this data assumes all responsibilities on its usage and for verifying the completeness and accuracy of this data for both critical and non-critical uses and applications. In no event will AGI or its partners be in any way held liable to the user or any third parties who use this data or any derivatives, products or services arising from this data, for any damages whether indirect, direct, consequential, special or exemplary.

Terms of Use

Use of any data, graphs, tables, maps or other products obtained through Agriculture and Irrigation's (AGI) Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS), whether direct or indirect, must be fully acknowledged and/or cited. This includes, but is not limited to, all published, electronic or printed documents such as articles, publications, internal reports, external reports, research papers, memorandums, news reports, radio or print. Proper citation (subject to the documents' citing style) includes: "Data provided by Agriculture and Irrigation, Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS) https://acis.alberta.ca (month and year when data was retrieved)" If the document contains an acknowledgment section, then it must be noted that data was provided by the Alberta Climate Information Service, found at https://acis.alberta.ca.

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