Alberta Climate Information Service (ACIS)

Bringing you up-to-date Alberta weather and climate data

Welcome to ACIS, an interactive tool that helps producers, farm consultants, and researchers to see Alberta weather forecasts, browse over 10000 maps of Alberta weather and Alberta climate related information, and access near real time station data from 512 meteorological stations operating in the province of Alberta. The maps and weather data describe Alberta's weather, climate and related agriculture features to help with your long-term planning and decision-making throughout the growing season.

Browser Requirements

Recent versions of Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer were used to test this system. Our tests showed that on some systems not all browsers performed the same. If you find performance to be slow, particularly when using the applications that rely upon Google maps, try a different browser. If you are having issues viewing and using our site, please do a full browser refresh (usually Ctrl-F5). If you are still having problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Performance and Expected Wait Times

When viewing the ACIS maps, users can expect display times similar to that of any other images viewed on the web. Smaller images are about 70kb and the higher quality images are about 200kb.

When viewing Station Data and Graphs, the underlying database queries can take up to 30 seconds or so to return information, independent of your internet connection speed. This will depend on how much data you are trying to retrieve and how many people are accessing data at the same time.

Contact Information

For information and issues concerning the data and map products delivered through ACIS, please contact:
Ralph Wright @ (780) 427-3556